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Kunshan Yuepuda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2013. Mainly engaged in the development, processing, production, sales and maintenance of automation equipment, mechanical equipment and industrial robot equipment; technology development, technical consultation and technical services in the field of automation technology. Mr. Tian Maobin, the founder of the company, has entered the field of automation since 2006. He has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and extensive contacts, mainly engaged in robots and related products such as Zhongxingxing, TOYO, and Kawasaki. The sales team and engineering team of the company have the complete technical support of the original equipment manufacturers. After long-term market training and rigorous professional training, they are able to serve customers with streamlined cost and professional technology; low cost, high quality and high yield. The optimized combination, the introduction of industrial robots, machine vision and automation equipment, accelerate the process of factory automation and unmanned industry, and is highly praised by customers.


2018 will be the accumulation of the company's development for several years. Through the precipitation of technology and the support of customers, the company's independent products will be put into production and enter the market. The company will steadily promote the layout of products, the layout of business divisions, expand the scale of operations and achievements, and achieve Customers, achievements family!


At present, most of the domestic market is basically occupied by foreign brands such as Japan and South Korea. In the face of the status quo, we hope that our efforts will enable Chinese-made automation products to have a chance to occupy a place in China and the world market, let China Manufacturing China's innovation can shine in the world!



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